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[개인위생만 지켜도 질병 OUT ②]꿈같은 유럽 여행…출국 전 홍역 예방접종 ‘체크’하세요

[헤럴드경제=손인규 기자]# 직장인 안모(30)씨는 이번 여름휴가로 서유럽을 선택했다. 평소 동경하던 지역인데다가 올 해가 아니면 이렇게 멀리까지 갈 수 있는 기회가 좀처럼 없을 것이라는 …

뉴스 수집 시각 : 2018-07-08T01:09:00.000Z
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Palace snowscape welcomes tourists

Changdeokgung Palace, an officially-registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, has changed into its white winter clothes.

On Dec. 20, snow began falling across Seoul just before daybreak, turning the capital into a wintry metropolis and decorating the palace rooftops in white.

Although it was icy cold with a piercing wind, many visitors were, nonetheless, seen at Changdeokgung Palace. Many of them carried a camera or two slung over their shoulders. They were busy trying to capture the snowy palace before others made footprints across the snow-white open spaces.

Tourists without a camera were also able to enjoy the snow. Many people hailing from regions where snow is somewhat rare, such as Southeast Asia, were making snowballs or snowmen despite the cold weather.

One group of tourists from Taiwan said that it was their “first time to see real snow” and they’re happy for the experience. They posed with the palace halls in the background, looking for the best shot and angle.

Antonio Viscaino, a Spanish tourist waiting in line at the Secret Garden, said, “The palace looks fine, just as it was, but it looks even better in the snow.”